Occasionally I review theatre for Aussie Theatre. I went along to this show on Friday night. The evening didn’t start well, I met my mum for dinner beforehand and she had found a beautiful Greek restaurant. This would have been great except she found it on the other end of King St in Newtown to where the theatre was located and we were already running late. The food took ages to arrive so 20 minutes before the show was due to start, I had to gobble down my delicious prawn rice meal then run into a cab and get down to the theatre. Mum decided to take her time with the meal so ended up arriving 20 minutes late for the show.

The show was ok, you can read about it here on the Aussie Theatre website. What was more interesting was catching up with a few old friends who were in the audience. It was also interesting to see that the couple running the theatre was an old director and co-star of mine from a show I did in 2004. Blast from the past!

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