Website Copywriting Packages

Want an idea of what a copywriter costs? My website copywriting packages should help you out.

SEO Copywriting is when the website is written in a particular way to help it rank in search engines like Google.

However, the trick is to make sure the writing appeals to your audience AND to search engines. I’ve got more information about SEO Copywriting here. 

The price of copywriting can vary greatly depending on the type of work, size of the job and when the deadline is. I mostly give bespoke quotes for my services as every project is a little different.

I have prepared these website copywriting packages to give you a ballpark figure. They are named after tea… because I just really like tea. 

If you’d like a quote for any other type of writing, please get in touch.

‘TEA’riffic website copywriting packages

Tea cup depicting small website copywriting package
Tea pot depicting medium website copywriting package
High tea depicting large website copywriting package

Call me directly on 0401 236 466 if you'd like to find out more about my 'tea'riffic website copywriting packages

My other copywriting services

Icon for small business content writing from SEO copywriting services

Small business copywriting

Whether you need press releases, flyers or other written content, I create easy to read, convincing marketing copy for businesses.

online content writing logo

Online content writing

My blogs are thought-provoking and my emails are click-worthy. I have the online editing experience to create all the digital copy assets you need.

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With over 12 years as an online journalist in the news, health and tech spaces, I know how to write the stories people are interested in.

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