how i work with you

What you need to know about working with a copywriter

Every project is different. However usually, these are the steps that we go through to get to the final product.

Our first step is to work out what you need. Usually we will have a chat (you can book one in here if you’re ready to go) and you tell me about the project and any timeframes you have.

It’s also good to work out if we’ll be the right fit.

I work out the proposal

I go away and create a proposal which will include my price and my time frame.

It will also include a summary of the work including how many interviews will take place, and how long the text will be and anything else we’ve discussed.

You say yes

You take a look at my proposal and let me know if everything looks good.

If yes, you sign and send back. I will also ask for a 50% down payment before we start work.

It’s time to get started!

The copywriting process

After the proposal has been signed, we can get to work. I usually follow a series of steps.

STEP 1: The Briefing

I like to do a briefing over video call (usually Google Meet or Zoom) so I can understand more about your project. I will send you a series of questions to have a think about but you don’t need to write anything down if you don’t want to. Sometimes it’s better to just let the conversation flow so I can get an understanding of you, your business and your tone. This is the time to gather research materials and anything else that might help me writing your project.

STEP 2: The Research

I will take away your notes and start my research. This might include SEO, background and competitor research depending on what I’m creating. At this point, I might schedule interviews with key stakeholders or other opinions needed for this piece of work.

STEP 3: The First Draft

Once I have all my information, I will begin to craft the first draft. When I’m creating a website, this might just be a skeleton draft which focuses on structure and information. I might include an example of the tone I plan to write in. Usually for articles, I will write the first draft in full.

STEP 4: Provide feedback

Once I’ve sent the first draft to you, it’s time to review the content and provide any feedback about what you do and don’t like. You might also realise there are knowledge gaps which need to be filled (or I will highlight this).

STEP 5: The Second Draft

I will take on board your feedback and create a second draft. This will be sent for your feedback and we will fine tune any issues.

STEP 6: The Proofread

All my work is sent to an external proofreader so we have another set of eyes on it before you publish.

 STEP 7: Final signoff and payment

Once the project is completed, I will send through a sign-off document and final invoice. The copy isn’t officially yours until final payment is made and this document is signed so it’s an important part of the process!

What sort of writing can i do?

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SEO Website copywriting

As an SEO web copywriter, I focus on writing SEO optimised website copy. Most importantly, it reads well and helps you communicate with your customers.

Journalist logo


With over 12 years as an online journalist in the news, health and tech spaces, I know how to write the stories people are interested in.

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Small business copywriting

Whether you need press releases, flyers or other written content, I create easy to read, convincing marketing copy for businesses.

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Website content writing

My blogs are thought-provoking and my emails are click-worthy. I have the online editing experience to create all the digital copy assets you need.


I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Caitlin for nearly two years, and I wholeheartedly endorse her. Right from our initial interaction, she grasped our brand’s essence and our content objectives. Without fail, she consistently delivers exceptional results, and her writing skills have definitely been a contributing factor in elevating our brand.

Dulce Covarrubias

Campaigns Manager, Five Good Friends

Caitlin made it extremely easy to achieve our objectives. I really appreciated Caitlin’s expertise, taking our original brief and delivering something even better than expected. I’d recommend Caitlin to anyone who wanted some help positioning their brand as an authority in their field.

Michael Ellis

Head of Marketing, Ashley & Martin

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