About me

I’m Caitlin Wright

I’m a Sydney based freelance content writer who can help create the words that work for your business.


How do I know?

I’ve had a varied career in various facets of the media and I know how to write for different audiences. Since completing my Journalism degree at Charles Sturt University, I’ve worked as an Editor for SheSaid, Skype and Teachers TV in the UK. I was the founding editor of doctorportal which meant I built it from scratch, creating the entire content and social media strategy. I was also News Editor for Yahoo7 News based in Sydney’s Channel 7 Newsroom and have done stints in PR and product management.

However a few years ago, I decided to fulfil my dream of wearing ugg boots to work. I ditched the day job, pulled on the activewear and set up my home office. I haven’t looked back!

These days, I write anything from short blogs to news articles to copywriting entire websites and anything in between. Sometimes you will find me writing a parenting article for Kidspot, or I could be rewriting an events website, or perhaps writing a flyer for a local psychologist.

I am a Freelance Pro member of the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance. What does this mean? It’s a trustmark that shows you that I’m a legitimate member of the working media. It is a sign of my professionalism, ethics and integrity.

I have also completed Kate Toon’s Recipe for SEO Success course. This means I have the SEO knowledge to back up my writing. I can optimise websites and blog posts to be SEO friendly and easy to read for both people and Google.

Caitlin is an amazing operator. She can juggle numerous tasks in a breaking news situation or manage a project with months until completion.

She has great communication skills and is always willing to learn and teach. She is respected highly amongst her peers and is a talented writer, product manager and leader. Cameron Roberts

Head of News, Yahoo7

We were after a writer to write some parenting stories for our Tresillian Facebook and website pages and Caitlin did such a good job of this we then asked her to contribute stories from mums for our new book on baby’s sleep routines (to be launched in June). She did an excellent of these too, interviewing each Mum on issues they had faced as a new parent. The result was a series of stories that have already resonated with many parents in a similar situation.

Thanks Caitlin, well done! Ann Paton

Public Affairs and Marketing Manager, Tresillian

Some facts about me

Congratulations for reading this far! Here are a few random non-work related facts.

1. I was a child actor on tv and in commercials. I wasn’t very successful however I did have a few parts in A Country Practice and E Street. I even had an entire line in Looking for Alibrandi which has landed me an IMDB profile.

2. I discovered this year that I am awesome hula hooper. Check out the highlights in my Instagram to see my prowess.

3. I prefer drinking leaf tea and I generally only drink decaf coffee. I even went through an embarrassing ‘why bother’ phase (soy decaf cap).

What does that mean for you?

My varied career means I have the know-how to write about a huge variety of content and am super efficient to boot.

With the combination of my journalism and digital editing experience, I write the type of content people want to read.

I’d love to have a chat with you about what I can do for you!

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