Sydney at sunset - what a sight

Sydney at sunset – what a sight

We just returned from an amazing trip to Europe and the UK. My hubby and I are pretty lucky that we have travelled to lots of far flung places, including living in London for 18 months in our pre-marriage days. This was our first trip overseas since having our toddler and we had an absolute blast. Although we visited more playgrounds and less bars than the last time we were there, it’s still an amazingly fun, open and fascinating city that will always hold a special place in our hearts.

However at the end of the trip we were definitely ready to come home. There just isn’t anywhere else like Sydney. Obviously it’s our home and is where most of our family live, but it’s also got some amazing things to see, do, eat and drink that you just can’t get anywhere else.

I was lucky enough to write some pieces about why I love Sydney for MasterCard earlier this year and some of them have just been published in their LoveThisCity campaign.

Secluded Sydney Harbour Beaches You Must Visit

One of my favourite things about Sydney is the abundance of places to cool off in the summer months. We were in London for their hottest July day every (36 degrees) and let me tell you, it was much much hotter and more uncomfortable than anything I’ve experienced in Sydney. Why? There’s NOWHERE to go to cool off. They have very few public pools and those they do have are so overcrowded that you can’t get in. Believe me, we tried. An ice block in the park just doesn’t cut it.

I’ve recently discovered some of Sydney’s most beautiful harbour pools which are magic on a hot day. I write about Greenwich Baths and Dawn Fraser bars in this piece for MasterCard. How lucky are we to have such amazing places to cool off and relax within a stone throw of the city?

Taronga Zoo: Lions, Tigers, and Beautiful Sydney Harbour Views

Another beautiful place that we love to visit as a family is Taronga Zoo. We are now Zoo Friends, which is great as it means you can visit any of the 365 days a year it’s open without paying anything extra. Bring a picnic, a spare change of clothes for the toddler water park and enjoy a few hours wandering around this spectacular park. It’s always a way to spend the afternoon.

Visit Chinatown Sydney for Mouthwatering Morsels

When we lived in London, I really missed authentic Asian food. This type of food is a vital part of so many Australian’s diets and not a week goes by when we don’t have a stirfry, curry or dumplings for a meal. One of our favourite meals out is yum cha, which is best in Sydney’s Chinatown. Little morsels of fried or steamed seafood dumplings dunked in chilli and washed down with jasmine tea. I think I know what we’re doing on Sunday…

There are some other great suggestions on the MasterCard site written by other authors, perfect for deciding on your entertainment for the weekend. See you out there!

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