I’ve had a busy few months concentrating on a few big copywriting clients. It’s been wonderful to get to know new industries and get stuck into writing blogs and websites for these new clients.

One thing that has fallen by the wayside is my pitching. I have a goal of pitching a few articles per month but when I’m busy with other projects, I either don’t get around to pitching or manage to do a few but forget to follow up.

However last month I had a few spare moments and a bit of a creative spurt! I’ve had a few parenting pieces published, with Mamamia, Digital Mums Directory and with Birde.

Allergies for Mamamia

I wrote an article about my daughter’s allergies for Mamamia’s The Motherish section. As you’ll read in the article, my eldest daughter had a severe, out of the blue allergic reaction to fish early last year. It was really scary and it took me a while to feel ok writing about it.

However, I decided to share our story as I thought it was important for other parents to know what to look for when it comes to allergic reactions. When my daughter first started reacting, I had no idea what to do. We ended up calling an ambulance because she complained of an itchy tongue which I now know can mean anaphylaxis. I think it’s really important for all parents to know about the symptoms of allergy so if someone in their care has a sudden reaction, they know what to do. Read my article here

My business lessons for Digital Mum Directory

Digital Mums Directory is a new website that connects mums in the digital marketing space with mums running a small business. It’s a genius idea as we all can relate to being time poor and working in a less than ideal environment. As I write, I am sitting at the dining table surrounded by Frozen lego with Paw Patrol in the background.

I wrote a guest blog for them about what my kids have taught me about running a business. It turns out, they are quite good teachers in their own infuriating way! Read the blog here 

Parenting articles for Birde

I’ve been working on Birde for a while but we have just started getting our blog up and running so lots of my parenting writing ideas have been going into that. Birde is the world’s first smart media player for kids. It allows them to play their own music, audiobooks and videos completely on their own. No internet, no worries about advertising, no tablets. Just the pure joy of enjoying their own music without me having to turn it on or choose the song for them. We have been trialling it all year and my kids LOVE it. My 22-month-old has literally used it every day.

No doubt I will write more about Birde in future. Our blog is almost ready to launch and there are a few articles up there. There’s How to combine healthy tech habits with quality family time, Tips to get your kids to sleep and lots more in the pipeline!

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