my day on a plate

my day on a plate in last week’s paper

I  love the ‘My Day On A Plate’ column in the Sun Herald’s Sunday Life magazine and read it religiously (even before Pete Evans gave Australia a snigger by nonchalantly talking about activated almonds). Its basic premise is for a notable person to detail what they ate on a particular day then nutritionist Dr Joanna McMillan comments on how healthy the meals are and gives some pointers on how to add extra fibre or greens or whatever else the diet is lacking.I think I love it because Joanna isn’t judgmental in her advice. Her belief is everything in moderation so if you have a sneaky glass of wine or chocolate bar, she isn’t going to make you feel like a fat, food feasting failure.

Sometimes when I’m having a particularly healthy day, I imagine my meals being featured in the column. I imagine Joanna applauding me for my fabulous choices and how my body will thank me for years to come for eating a salad for lunch and for resisting the chocolate biscuits that tempt me in the office kitchen every damn time I walk past.

I’m such a nerd.

Obviously those days when I don’t resist the biscuits, have icecream after dinner and have half a bottle of wine then I really hope Joanna doesn’t come knocking… Which, let’s face it, is most of the time.

But today I’m having a healthy day! So here is my day on a plate, and how I hope Joanna would respond 😉

Breakfast – porridge with a few dates and some Greek yoghurt spooned through to cool it down. I dash off to work and as soon as I get there I have a mug of english breakfast tea.

Mid morning – a soy cap. I’ve recently converted to soy in my coffee. I chose it as I was drinking decaf when I was pregnant and breastfeeding and it adds more flavour. However I started drinking regular strength in the mornings as I got sick of ordering a soy decaf cap, or as my hubby calls it, ‘a why bother’.

Lunch – leftover salad from our dinner party on the weekend which includes baby spinach, purple cabbage, rocket, tomato, Spanish onion, green beans, cucumber with some leftover roasted veges tossed through. I add a piece of grainy, wholemeal bread fresh from our bread maker as an afterthought to fill me up and munch on a banana as I walk back to work.

3pm – cup of earl grey tea

6pm – I’m STARVING! Forgot to snack today so having some of the toddler’s discarded foolowrie (an Indian split pea fritter) and some crackers.

8pm – Dinner of crumbed bream, cauliflower and beetroot purees, home made potato crisps, corn with garlic and the obligatory end of week glass (or 2) of my favourite St Hallett Shiraz. And a piece of mint dark chocolate Lindt.

What fake Joanna might say…

Great choice of breakfast, oats are considered the latest superfood with 80%, providing fibre, complex carbohydrates and cholesterol reabsorbing properties. You’re getting some wonderful leafy greens and a wide variety of vegetables in your day. There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself with some red wine and a square of chocolate at the end of a hard week but just be careful not to go overboard. Add some seeds or nuts to your salad or as a snack to give you a great fibre boost without increasing your carbohydrate intake.

It has to be noted that most of these meals are thanks to my hubby, aka the chef. If it were left up to me, I’d be eating a smorgasbord of toasted cheese sandwiches, porridge and bananas. Fake Joanna wouldn’t be happy with that at all.

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