Mummy shoes

I got myself a pair of mummy shoes. What are they you ask? The practical old Birkenstocks. Usually I mooch around in good old fashioned rubber thongs (flip flops for the non-Aussies) but as we are heading off to Europe in a few months, I figured I would need something slightly more supportive. So for my recent birthday, I put an order in for some Birkenstocks.

Me in my Birkenstocks

Funnily enough, the idea for them came from my younger sister who is definitely not in the mummy set. She’s an actor and has been touring the world recently in the cast of Wicked. Tres glamorous (it seems, the reality is pretty different I am told).

However she swore by these shoes and now I can see why. They take a bit of getting used to but now they are delicious underfoot. Just enough sponge to keep it comfy with the support to ensure I can run after my rambunctious little toddler for hours.

My trusty Birkenstocks with the little toddler racing to get to the swings.

Looking around the playground on a cloudy summer’s day, I spied many a mummy wearing these practical pieces of footwear. So now I feel like I’m one of the club!

Imelda Marcos I am not but I just wrote an entire blog about shoes. Oh dear…


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