I’m writing a blog

So I’m writing a blog. It’s not like I haven’t written blogs before. There was this travel blog in 2006 which I wrote while my hubby and I were living in the UK. It started off well with lots of posts, one of which was even featured on my old website SheSaid. But as time went on, it diminished to just pictures and captions and in mid 2007 it seemed to peter out all together…

I wrote a blog for Yahoo7 Answers for a few years when I worked on that website, which I know my Grandma very much enjoyed.

I wrote a very personal blog for a few months after the loss of our son midway through my pregnancy and the miscarriage I experienced soon after. It was so personal that I never shared it with anyone but I found it very healing to put my thoughts out into the world. Maybe someday I will share it.

But I have never written a blog, just because. So here it is! I hope to share my professional and non-professional writing, as well showcase my (hopefully) improving photography and sewing. And no doubt there will be some mummy musings thrown in as well, but don’t call this a mummy blog!


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